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I tell stories
100 words, or sometimes more

Sorry, Ogden

A deer and a dollar was what Tim had
Don’t ask me why, the man was mad
He had more dollars once, but now? Bereft
After buying the deer, just one was left
But was he sad? No! It would seem
He had a money-making scheme
He put the deer out to stud
Thinking it ran with thoroughbred blood
Unfortunately, Tim did find
It simply was not girl-inclined
But do not fear, my noble friend
This tale indeed has a happy end
For the deer brought home a mate, it’s true
And Tim – poor soul – is now Tim Buck Two


The prompt for this story was ‘Timbuktu (with apologies to Ogden Nash)’. Ogden Nash was far better at writing doggerel than me, and I am indeed very sorry.

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