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The Point of Paisley

It doesn’t take much to send a man mad.

Gary used to joke that’s what I was doing with the crazy patterns on my ties.

I had to kill him, of course. Far too close to the truth.

These ties, you see… they are not simply misguided fashion. The unearthly geometry of R’lyeh is woven into the very fabric.

And every time you pass us in the street, it catches your eye… and you come closer to joining us.

From Accounts to Mergers to HR, we call to the Great Old Ones.

And you thought the bankers were a problem…


81 stories and this is the first one I’ve done about the mind-bending horrors from beyond reality out to devour our brains. Don’t know what I’ve been thinking.

The prompt here was ‘silk tie’.

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  • Trina

    You are quite warped Neil, I like it!

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