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Planning Ahead

Winter was coming, and Squirrel was scared of death.

“It’s so cold, and there’s no food!”

“There’s lots of food now,” Magpie said.

“There’s loads now! Now’s no use! I need it then!”

“Don’t panic. Just eat well now, and bury the leftovers.”

“That’s brilliant!” Squirrel said. “But… no, it won’t work. I’ll never remember everywhere I’ve buried everything.”

“That’s OK. Just tell me. I’ll do the remembering, all you’ve got to do is ask me. Easy.”

“Oh, thank you!” Squirrel said. “But… how will you find food?”

“Don’t worry about me.” Magpie ruffled his feathers. “I’ll think of something.”

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  • Trina

    Only because you learned from the best!

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