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Anywhere But Here – NaNoWriMo #13

The NeuroCinemaDrive, powered by the brainwaves of 100 telekinetics, was a great success, until someone put a copy of Big Brother 57 in a case marked Blackadder Season 1.

What should have been a speed of ‘something more interesting’s happening over there’ became ‘anywhere but here’, and now the starship was off the map.

“So where are we?” the Captain asked.

“I don’t know,” the Navigation Officer said. “The whole point of ‘anywhere but here’ being that ‘here’ is very small and ‘anywhere’ is very large.”

“Fine.” The Captain tapped the console. “Computer, display Netflix. We have work to do.”


The prompt here was ‘neuroconvulsive hyperdrive’, which the prompter nicked from some flash fiction by David Brin. I’ve was quite careful about not reading it before I’d done my version, but now I have, here’s a link:

Toujours Voir

I think his version is better, but to be fair he had 250 words to play with.

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