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The Memory Hall – NaNoWriMo #9

It was Alex’s seventeenth visit to the Hall Of Memories, and the ticket-taker nodded a greeting as he went in.

Above each door, he read the lost memory inside. ‘That cute girl who smiled at you on the tube.’ ‘The ‘lion’ joke everyone laughed at.’

Good ones, of course. You remembered embarrassing stuff far longer.

That was why most people came here. To be reminded of things going well.

But not him. He was looking for a door crowned by just one word.

Sarah. When he saw that, he’d know she was finally gone. Then, he could stop coming back.


The prompt here was ‘one word over’, from Dave Higgins, who’s just put a second collection of stories out. I was tempted to go a bit meta with it, but since I’ve been given a few prompts for this challenge where I can’t avoid going meta, I decided to do a bit more of a straight interpretation.

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