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A Good Deal

“A cow.”

“I know, isn’t it amazing! Now we can have milk and butter and cheese and little baby calves!”

“I know what a cow is, Terry. It’s just not what I was expecting.”


“No. See, when I said to sell our magic bean harvest to the wizard for a large bag of gold, I thought you’d come back with a large bag of gold. Not a cow.”

“But… look, I met this guy…”

“Like the guy who sold you the Rialto Bridge last week?”

“Er… yes. Very like him. Might actually have been the same guy.”

“Jesus, Terry.”


This one was from the prompt ‘magic beans’. Jack knew what he was doing.

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  • mummy dearest

    I liked this it made me think of Only Fools and Horses so it made me smile. I like smiley stories. Ok now do one about Tish Tosh, that will make me smile and possibly go ahhh!

  • Laetia

    I never thought of that side of the story before. Good point!

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