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I tell stories
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Equal and Opposite

Cinderella arrived at the ball to find the castle under lockdown.

“Sorry, my lady,” a guardsman said. “No-one’s getting in or out.”

“What happened?”

“Witchcraft, ma’am. Nasty business. I’m afraid Lord and Lady Rochester have been killed.”

At the entrance to the coach-park was a pumpkin, surrounded by a spray of red – the kind of spray that might result from an occupied carriage becoming a lot smaller very fast.

Cinders felt herself turn pale. “I… I should go…”

The guardsman paused, and looked at Cinderella’s carriage. The rounded design. The orange tints. “Actually, ma’am… I may have a few questions…”


Magic or no magic, you don’t get to mess with the 3rd law of motion.

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