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Last Of His Kind – NaNoWriMo #16

The plague was thorough. I was the only survivor.

I never went out much. Maybe that’s why. We never worked out what it was or how it spread.

Not through pizza takeout, at least.

Surprisingly, things still mostly run. I wouldn’t say they’re better, but they’re not noticeably worse.

Of course, the void led to a new order. New faces at the top. And while my freedom is now more limited, they’ve not been unkind. I guess I should be grateful to our – my – new overlords.

I am the last man on earth.

The women keep me in a museum.


Kinda meh about this one. The first thing I wrote was the last two lines, and originally they were the start of the story. But no matter what I tried to do with it, the story was always better with only those two lines.

So in the end I closed with them, and this is better than the other versions I came up with. Still not really convinced it out-punches just those two lines alone, though.

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