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I tell stories
100 words, or sometimes more


“Listen to that.”

I listened. A muffled tolling, from where I couldn’t tell.

“Saint Peter’s bells. Washed away two hundred years ago, they were.”

I reeled in my line. I didn’t want to fish for a bit, just listen to the bells and the creaking boat.

“Once,” he said, “I fished far out. Caught a dogfish. Had an arrowhead in its belly.”

“It’s amazing to think people used to live down there,” I said. “Then the sea came.”

He shrugged, gestured to the lights on the coast. “What amazes me,” he said, “is that they seem to think it’s stopped.”


This one is from the prompt ‘impermanence’. Most of the stories here are from some prompt or other, I just keep forgetting to mention it.

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  • Trina

    I like this one too, a little bit of Oh no we’re all going to die, like that’s news! Do more like this.

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